Unpacking from PEX, scrubbing down and repacking for Transformus. We leave in 3.5 hrs for North Carolina and the beautiful blue ridge mountains. We can’t wait to gift Mysteria our Wolf Dome Coffee Den! I’ve been compiling delicious middle eastern tunes to sweetly serenade sippers during sultry sunrises. ❤ So Psyched.



!!Cat Party!!

Last night was our first ever fundraiser for Raised By Wolves–Cat Party!! Yeah, that’s right, to raise money for wolves we threw a party with a cat theme. It was an absolute roaring success! Bookspace, a burner owned venue in Philadelphia, hosted the event in their gorgeous spot. Silks were hung for our very talent wolf, Lisa and the illustrious Julia to perform daring feats of strength and beauty. All wolves rocked the bar, the door and the dance floor all night. Our resident VJ wolf, Geatan, killed it with his epic projections. We raged it till 7am and then broke it all down and got some Zs before heading to the Grimy Goblin Grotto to work on various camp projects. Completely epic, inspiring and beautiful. We can’t wait for Transformus!

RxW Camping Retreat 2011 & Other Happenings!

Now that we’ve been back in the real world for a little bit, Dubz has been able to process all of our RxW Camping photos! Camping at the Farm was really wonderful! The space was practically dripping with spiritual energy and we were all able to really bond as a pack through play and work! The prayer flag workshop, hosted by Sprocket, was a terrific success. Each pack members creative energy and personality was synthesized into their magnificent prayer flags! Sprocket will be teaching another prayer flag workshop at Transformus!

On Wednesday a few of the wolves went up to New York City to the Kostume Kult Camp 2011 meeting at Madame X. The wolves introduced themselves to KK and shared our mission statement which was met with appreciative howls!!

Tonight Tigre will be hosting yet another mask making workshop at the Grimy Goblin Grotto! Expect more wolf headdresses in the near future!

Also RxW is heading to PEX Summerfest! You can read about us in the PEX Summerfest What? When? Where?! Come find our healing dome & howl with the wolfies! If you’ve got yourself a PEX map, we’re located in the top right hand corner! Owww Owww Owww!

Wooohooo! It’s really Burn season guys! And RxW loves it!!!

Dome Set Up #1

After we finished fabricating the dome we headed to our Raised By Wolves camping retreat in Rosendale, NY! We did some good camp bonding and then set up our dome! Well… in the middle of it we did stop to cool down at some local falls! The dome build was a total success even though it was done on Burner time.  

Raised By Wolves Dome Build 2011 from Jessi Sprocket on Vimeo.

Dome Build

Last week was really intense for RxW. We built our 24ft 3V dome! Thanks to the ingenuity of Dubz and the skills of Dave, Sprocket, Audrey, Tigre, Alysia (with help from non-cub but great friend, Ian) we were able to build the entire dome in three days! It was really incredible to be apart of. After cutting, bending, squishing and drilling 160 pieces of conduit the dome now exists! Look for our Healing Wolf Den Dome on playa in Nyrvana Village right on Esplanade. We’re also looking for anyone interested in leading healing practices (yoga, meditation, massage, performance) in our new space.

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