Another wonderful year at Burning Man has come and gone! The pack is stronger than ever with a total of six new wolves, Leith, Party Bear, Vanessa, Jenna, Leyla and Sphinx! What a wonderfully grounded and open year for these new pups and our old prowlers! The wolves were able to gift morning coffee each day at Sacred Spaces Village  with Burn After Reading Magazine (the creation of two wolves – Jessi Sprocket and Derg Crissman).


We also had a truly momentous happening when Papa Dubz Wolf proposed to Sprocket at our dear friends, Kostume Kult, during DJ EZ Almighty’s set (and an epic dust storm). Huzzah for wolf marriage! 


Now that BM 2012 is officially over it’s time to A. collect ALL THE PHOTOS! and B. start planning for next year! If you’d like to join the pack and help us make new, amazing art (kinetic vehicle? fire breathing totem poles? a giant moon dome?) then give us a howl! You can email PapaWolf at phasenine@gmail.com or message us here or on the FB!




Burning Man 2012: Sacred Spaces Village

Despite the Burning Man lottery catastrophe, Raised By Wolves has managed to secure tickets through pre-sale, lottery and theme camp ticket allotment. Most importantly, Raised By Wolves recieved three tickets through our new village, Sacred Spaces. Sacred Spaces Village is often positioned near center camp on Esplanade. You may remember them for their Chakra healing domes in 2010.

The mission of Sacred Spaces:

Sacred Spaces promotes the positive enrichment and alchemical transformation of the world known traditionally as “the Great Work.” Our tools include: the fine arts, education, spiritual practice, community activism, and social service. We see the universe as an interdependent web in which all things are mutually influential; therefore the health and well-being of all life is to be valued. In pursuit of this aim, we support improving the collective intelligence of humanity through the advancement of Science, Art, & Spirituality.



Raised By Wolves is extremely excited to become a part of this loving family!