Dome Set Up #1

After we finished fabricating the dome we headed to our Raised By Wolves camping retreat in Rosendale, NY! We did some good camp bonding and then set up our dome! Well… in the middle of it we did stop to cool down at some local falls! The dome build was a total success even though it was done on Burner time.  

Raised By Wolves Dome Build 2011 from Jessi Sprocket on Vimeo.


Dome Build

Last week was really intense for RxW. We built our 24ft 3V dome! Thanks to the ingenuity of Dubz and the skills of Dave, Sprocket, Audrey, Tigre, Alysia (with help from non-cub but great friend, Ian) we were able to build the entire dome in three days! It was really incredible to be apart of. After cutting, bending, squishing and drilling 160 pieces of conduit the dome now exists! Look for our Healing Wolf Den Dome on playa in Nyrvana Village right on Esplanade. We’re also looking for anyone interested in leading healing practices (yoga, meditation, massage, performance) in our new space.

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