The Pack

Our current pack is a stunning array of talented individuals hailing from all across the globe. 

Heres a quick snippet of who we are:


Berkeley, CA

Tigre: the traveler, artist and warrior who inspires the group through his incredible style and creations.

Sita: the hands down diva, whose dance moves and fashion sense blow minds.


Portland, OR

Dubz: the organizer, logistical leader and bangin’ chef, he makes things happen.

Sprocket: the writer, PR  person, saucy vixen and crafter.

Dragon Eggz: the crafty, costumer, non-stop extrovert.


New York, NY

Cub: the performer, whose acting skills are only out-shined by his openhearted sweetness.

Roo: the videographer, shit talker and a tremendous visionary.

Silver Moon: the wise woman, aerialist, and musician.

Malia: the bubbly healer woman.

Abby: the loving, mystic man.

Party Bear: the kind and attentive dancing healer.

Vanessa: the fancy pants lady.

Jenna: the sweet and friendly magic maiden.


San Francisco, CA

Fushia Shallot: the booty shaking, soul glimpsing, traveling wonder nurse.


Denver, CO

Codiakk: the clown and crazy mindblowing painter, graphic designer and shape maker.



Gah-bé: the poet, moon maker, musician, traveler and sound master.

Kayleigh: the sunshine and leaf yogi.

Richmond, VA

Leyla: the activist, vagina warrior, water loving, freak!

Sphinx: the ultimate virgin, mushroom magic man!


Philadelphia, PA

Derg: the quiet creative who is secretly hilarious.


Sydney, Australia

Leith: the saucy, aussie!


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